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I am trying to raise funds to travel to all of the various city, county and state meetings, throughout the State of California, where cannabis regulation is being discussed. To help out go to GoFundMe


Are you looking to open, or continue to run, a legal marijuana business in California?

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4010 Foothills Blvd. #103

Roseville, CA 95747

(916) 740-2141

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In A Nutshell

In 1999, myself and my then wife, Dr. Mollie Fry, opened the first medical/legal clinic in Cool, California. The purpose, of the medical/legal clinic, was to first educate every patient about the California State Law, their rights under the law and what to do if they were to be approached by law enforcement. Then to be evaluated, by a doctor for the purposes of a recommendation as per Health and Safety Code 11362.5.

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Trial 2007

As much as we tried to work with local law enforcement, unfortunately in September of 2001 (just 3 months after announcing my run for El Dorado County District Attorney) our home and office were raided by the DEA. In 2005 we were charged with cultivation of more than 100 plants, grown between 1999 and 2001, and conspiracy to distribute marijuana to the sick people I had agreed to grow for. Without a medical marijuana defense, allowable under federal law, we were convicted and sentenced to the minimum mandatory of 5 years in federal prison.


In May of 2011, we surrendered at the Federal Courthouse, located in Sacramento California, (as seen below) and began serving the 52 months of our 60-month sentence.

My time in prison did not deter me from fighting for the rights of people; if anything it unleashed a sleeping dragon inside of me. However, my tactics have absolutely changed. My opinion is that best way to keep others from going to prison, especially in the current political environment, is to educate them. Therefore, my first task is to travel, throughout the State of California, to educate every future legal cannabis business owner about the State, County and City regulations that govern them and encourage them to participate in their local Board of Supervisors meetings in order to fight for the policies that will work best for their business.


Surrender 2011


To read more about My Prison Journey click here 

  MMRSA & AUMA Workshops

For HIGHER Learning


Please click on the link below, labeled MMRSA Seminars, to find out more about our future workshops .



Cannabis Entrepreneur & Investor Workshop Cannabis Industry Basics (3)

How to Get in, Stay in and Invest in the cannabis industry –

El Dorado County Cannabis –

Organizing To Encourage El Dorado County Support Of Commercial Cannabis

Meeting to organize support for commercial cannabis permits in El Dorado County. We will discuss how to influence El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. They will be discussing whether to allow legal commercial cannabis permits at a Board of Supervisors meeting soon.

The next Ad-Hoc Committee meeting is:



My daughter, Heather, has started a Cannabis Travel Blog called Cool Connections. I may be biased, I am extremely proud of all of my children, but I think it’s very informative and I highly recommend it.



Podcast with Radical Russ

Video of Interview with Marijuana Politics at ICBC


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