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•   Do you need to make that transition from a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit (Co-Op) to a For-Profit Cannabis Corporation?

•   Want to jump into the rapidly growing cannabis industry?

•   Struggling to understand the new, temporary, California State Cannabis Regulations?

•   Unclear about how to proceed?



California Land Owners –

Let me help you to set your property up to host a cannabis business and keep it compliant with California State Law.

California Cannabis Business Owners –

Let me help you transition your Non-Profit Mutual Benefit (Co-Op) to a Licensed For-Profit Corporation or license your branded products.

Cannabis Entrepreneurs –

Let me help you to properly set up your Licensed For-Profit Cannabis Corporation.

Industry Executives –

Let me help you to understand how you can incorporate cannabis into your current business plan and step into the cannabis industry.

Insurance Executives –

I spent nearly 30 years working in insurance defense and I speak your language. Let me help you to step into the cannabis industry and offer quality policies to the cannabis industry.

California Municipalities-

Let me help you to properly set up your cannabis ordinance.

Counties I’m Watching & Working With


Desert Hot Springs


November 2018 Pro-Cannabis Voter Guide

El Dorado County (EDC) Tax Measure – Regulating Commercial Cannabis in EDC

EDC has been working, for nearly 2 years, to get commercial cannabis into the County. Here is current information about where we are and the Tax Measure

UPDATE – 7/17/18 – This morning the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors (BOS) took up an agenda item related to placing 5 separate questions on the November ballot. Question 1 pertains to taxing and enforcing commercial cannabis within the county. Additionally, there are 2 questions pertaining to commercial medical cannabis operations and 2 questions pertaining to commercial adult-use cannabis operations. To review all of the documents, presented to the BOS by the cannabis Ad-hoc committee, click here.

Recent Articles

CDPH FAQ’s – Industrial Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) in Food Products


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  1. Incredible Blog. Cannabis could be the healing plant that has been found in ayurveda for thousand of years. Contemporary medicine without any unique cure for cancer, has made that medicinal place inaccessible to victims who require that place to cure themselves of various ailments. Gracias.


  2. I have been following your story since before you and Mollie were ever arrested. My husband was the AT&T guy in Cool so we knew about you. I thought that if you did time in prison you would lose you license, is that not the case. Are you still a practicing attorney, I sure hope so?


    1. Hi Theresa, this is Heather Schafer, Dale’s Legal Assistant and oldest daughter. My dad didn’t lose his license as he did not commit a crime of morale turpitude. I maintained it throughout his prison sentence and once he was officially released from probation, in late November, we were able to begin taking clients again. I appreciate your husband so much as I was the one he communicated with, during that time. So happy to hear from you.


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